Prayer For The Loved One -Melodies-

Prayer For The Loved One -Melodies-
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    Prayer For The Loved One -Melodies-

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    iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Requires iOS 6.0 or later.

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This app is for prayers in memory of deceased & loved people.

You may pray for them by listening to relaxing melodies on this app.

Melodies provided by this app:

– [Nursery Song] Hometown (Furusato)
– [Nursery Song] Hometown (Music Box Version)
– [Nursery Song] Moon over the Ruined Castle (Koujounotsuki)
– [Nursery Song] Sunset and Afterglow (Yuyake Koyake)

– [Hymn] Amazing Grace

– [Classical Music] Dvorak Symphony No.9

– [Healing Music] Angel Wings
– [Healing Music] Hope for the Truth
– [Healing Music] Thank You

In Japan, it is common that the “Sutras” are chanted in the Buddhist ceremonies, but not many of the young people are familiar with the Sutras.

With this app, you may pray for the deceased loved ones with the “Healing Melodies” instead of the Sutras.

Since music is recordable, you can also use your own sounds.

You can also switch display of ten photos of someone who has passed away.

You may apply this app not only for the deceased, but also for the deceased pet animals such as dogs and cats.