Mobile app designed based on the fact that children sleep well at nursery on a rainy day

October 29. 2013
Hanbunco, Co., Ltd.

We released the new mobile app “Alarm Clock 2.0″ whick enables you to fall asleep and wake up to your favorite music.

[App Name] Alarm Clock 2.0 Free – Fall asleep and wake up to your favorite music!

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The development of the app was started on the basis of the nursery teacher’s comment that children sleep well at nursery on a rainy day.

By the subsequent research, it was revealed that not only nursery teachers but also many mothers know it.

However, the mechanism is not well understood scientifically.
A number of hypotheses have been proposed.
Low atmospheric pressure, sound of rain, quiet surrounding, low-light, low atmospheric temperature, high humidity, etc.

We focused on the sound of rain.
The app creates the condition of a rainy day artificially by playing the sound of rain at the bedside.
Since the mental condition of the user gets closer to that on a rainy day, falling asleep in a short time becomes possible.

The app runs on smartphones(iPhone), tablets(iPad/iPad mini/iPad Air) and other iOS devices(iPod touch).

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