Hanbunco, Inc. launched a new mobile app designed for cats

December 13. 2013
Hanbunco, Inc.

Hanbunco, Inc. (Location: Japan, Representative Director: Eiji Miura) launched a new mobile app designed for cats on December 13, 2013.

[App Name] Alarm Clock 2.0 for Cats

[System Requirements] iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Requires iOS 6.0 or later.

[Price] Free

[Category] Utilities

[Support URL] https://www.hanbunco.co.jp/mobile/alarm-clock-2-0-cats-en

Background of the development

‘Alarm Clock 2.0 for Cats’ is designed for cats with such an experience that although she was planning to go to a late-night meeting she fell asleep before she knew it and it was morning when she woke up.

The strengths of the app

The app wakes cats up to the sound to open cans of cat food in the morning and sends cats to sleep with the relaxing sounds: squeak of a mouse, cat’s purr, etc. at night.
The user interface of the app is optimized for cat’s pads.

How to get the app

The app is available in the App Store of Apple.
Anyone who has a smartphone (iPhone), tablet (iPad/iPad mini/iPad Air) and other iOS devices (iPod touch) can download it from the App Store.

Voices of thanks from cats in the world

“It’s a great app! :3″
“I was in time for an important meeting thanks to this app :3″
“I have good dreams every night with the squeak of a mouse :3″
“This app was recommended from my friend. I can’t do without it now :3″


‘Alarm Clock 2.0 for Cats’ is also available to other than cats.


Hanbunco, Inc. (https://www.hanbunco.co.jp/)
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